Here is a particular example where the various origins of the wall stones (some of them coming from a stone-yard near a building reservoir – Nîmes being a very easily flooded town – and others still, said to be “de découverte”, coming from the Roquemaillère quarry) allow an almost pictorial arrangement. The saying goes that in Nîmes a painter can be found under every pebble ; having been a painter myself, I can assert that the so-called vernacular art is useful (unlike a majority of paintings, thankfully not all of them) as well as pleasant, as the testimony of all my ancient clients as well as the rarity of the competition can attest : the heaviness of the palette … etc … j’en peux plus de ce texte !

Mur 1 Mur 2

A riddle : Will you know how to acknowledge which of two went up stone dry only?

A well-placed stone is the challenge of the poor to time, to death, to oblivion.
François Juston
Faîsses, parets, échamps, manuscrit, 1983

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