When, in 1976, I integrated formation in Nîmes’s A.F.P.A. of Masonry-Limousinerie , did the « Papy » who offered his last service to us, the excellent M. Peyronnet, the talented workman who became a fine pedagogue, imagine that « Sardouk »-my nick-name at the time- would, in his way and with the same affectionate feeling, perpetuate his teachings 25 years later?

However, without disavowing the forms of masionry including a moderate use of the mortar, here i am, a specialist in dry-stone construction/restoration. It must be said that the essential principles he inculcated to me are identical and that the lack of binder obliges only to a larger, enormous rigour in the intern part of the stone-work. The aesthetic aspect- that which jumps to the eyes when one is directly confronted with the result- is due to the strict application of these principles: no « sabre-cut », an harmonious mixture between sizes, shapes and colors of the stones, flatness and batter sought more with the eye than with the chalk-line… feeling of a rediscovered ancientness.

And God knows that the Cévennes still carry in them the heart of those splendid peasant-manufacturers that it is healthy and virtuous to celebrate. I had tackled it, I became attached to it.

Go! May you at the sight of these few examples of my savoir-faire « feast » on it as much as I, in its time and today more than ever, enjoyed myself « ave Mastré Peyrouné ».

Avant Après

Rebuilding of a party-wall between two properties after a big storm destroyed it ; dry installing with addition of a small quantity of mortar at the (arase) level, used by the neighbourhood cats as a promenade.

"Labor wants pride and joy
in doing good work,
a sense of making or doing something
beautiful or useful-
to be treated with dignity and respect
as brother and sister."
-Thornstein VEBLEN-

AFPA Nîmes



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